Wet wedding ready...
  • bsimkovaWet wedding ready...

  • mewong001@simkova shoes! I'm all about the shoes!! They complete the look, I need to see the shoes, please!! 👠
  • bsimkova@mewong001 thwy're a pair of black patent Miu Miu pumps (my first ever designer heels)
  • mewong001@simkova lies! I see the tops of some nudes!!
  • bsimkova@mewong001 girl, that's the lip in the mirror. Seeing what you want!!
  • mewong001@simkova ha! Omg - I see it now. It's the bevel on the mirror. Ha!! Ok - fuck, but can we still see some shoe shots in the future? Xxx😃
  • bsimkova@mewong001 when I get a full length mirror... Of course!!
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