Toronto! Please be patient while we wait out the storm. We want the show to go on safely! #vanswarpedtour
  • vanswarpedtourToronto! Please be patient while we wait out the storm. We want the show to go on safely! #vanswarpedtour

  • luisacardona320Better not happen next Sunday
  • everythingxsucksFact: A girl in her early 20's died while laying on the grass. He was found without a pulse, and getting to the hospital she was pronounced dead. Got this straight off of alternative press online.
  • zombiesashaDamn that sucks.
  • everythingxsucksShe*
  • legends_dieBe careful kiddos!
  • stephan_iiie@thecameronjay that's exactly what I'm saying
  • huhuhuhuasOmg :O
  • matt.villanoMy bro told me that in Canada yesterday someone had a heart attack during Chelsea grin
  • guciudygfttcdwhat happened? I heard a girl got a heart attack but i really don't know..
  • 0rangesunshineShe passed out from dehydration and didn't get water soon enough.
  • dommrocShe got a heart attack during "Sonnet Of The Wretched"
  • sarahvanceeya she died
  • ashleechristine_npcWait... She didn't really die did she
  • metalxmikeAccording to the news story that first broke. She died at the show and everyone was moved to the location in this picture as a result, and the claim was weather related so nobody would know at that time
  • kristenaebNo. The weather was insane and the incident with the girl happened earlier in the day. We moved here due to weather, trust me.
  • steph_rennaThe girl had a heart attack apparently. Read it on Property of Zack.
  • flowilcox@metalxmike she died at approx. 12:30pm, then we had torrential down pours accompanied by lighting, causing ankle deep flooding in some parts of the venue, then rain lasted for about 45mins, we were moved inside because people were collecting under merch tents and it was straight up not safe
  • flowilcox@metalxmike the rain didn't even start until about 4ish
  • julianpalmerohhhhhhh Canada!
  • a.favretI can see my friend's bright green hair ^.^ i miss this
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