More @Matisyahu on Jewish Community Day!
  • dodgersMore @Matisyahu on Jewish Community Day!

  • bdonenfeld92#giants #angels #rockies #diamondbacks #padres
  • erikolexTHE ANGELS SUCK DICKS!!!!!!!!! GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!
  • love.yourz.kHow is that idiot when dodgers are 48-41 n angels are 48-40 not much better if not same
  • bdonenfeld92Yeah how is that idiot?
  • wifee21Ur a fag ass bandwagon ass nigga oops I mean chew. Fuck off bitch. U deserve an L.A ass whopping
  • love.yourz.kLol
  • evaelunaNo wonder we have a bad reputation, all these ghetto comments
  • wifee21Lol we don't have a bad rep cause all these ghetto comments. We real in L.A u talk shit n u get an ass whopping if not we loveable people n that's the the truth just keeping it 1hunded
  • tinoco11I agree we dont have to get ghetto. Just ignore these ignorant ppl who.shouldnt even be on the dodgers instagram page. Comez to show theyre more intrested in wht the boys in blue are doing than their own team! Dodgers all day!
  • nick_corona@bdonenfeld hey did you know the Angels haven't been in first place all season lolololol piss off fag
  • wifee21Didn't mean to stir up some beef between people just gotta keep it real
  • bobbys_world_11Dodger fans = damiley!
  • bobbys_world_11Family lol!
  • twoonethreeBefore 2002 there where only Disney fans at Angel stadium if that. Then the bandwagon got full. They had to hire Dodgers to win that 1 fluke championship.
  • twoonethree*were
  • dodgerfan947Who cares what the dodgers fan base is made up of,white,black or brown-just represent&stay loyal.
  • ryan.waltonGo dodgers
  • im_thekingcobraExactly @dodgerfan15
  • mayracerda@dodgers where are the pictures of the CYSC cheerleaders? 
  • bryguy248Haha omg! @tribal818 it's their rabbi! No wait its just Matisyahu! Lol
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