Nothing but love from the #ducati fans. ❤ #gaveeverything
  • nicky_haydenNothing but love from the #ducati fans. ❤ #gaveeverything
  • jurge16I was here tu support u
  • garsimComplimenti per oggi, peccato per la sfortuna! Ma grande Nicky!
  • plusrockNothing but MAD love over there! Way to fight it out at the end. Muy Bien Muy Bien!
  • dbmoviemakeroutCongratulations for the race. I am here in the expectation that DUCATI have a better perfomace in the second half of the season.
  • yellowlightmiteDude! You got burned on the last lap! Awesome that you fought to the end though. Even if the result doesn't show it.
  • apaggioThat's awesome
  • hayeweldGreat race.. Nice rhythm..:-)
  • w_ezzleyGreat race. Very exciting last lap, you foght it all the way!! Well done Nucky
  • w_ezzleyNicky, sorry butter fingers.
  • kantatouchthisAwesome race @nicky_hayden...Can't wait to see u at Laguna!!
  • lyckligilaYou did give everything and it was awesome . Great race!
  • katja_ondergrat race i know you give always the best . your big fan katja
  • melbradyauVery proud of you! Great race. Very exciting. You're a legend
  • sarra_christofiBeautiful :)
  • yayuk_zieWith a big love...
  • azl4n_rrLets stick together nick!
  • roby_starlineHi man,congratulation for great rppace yesterday .ciao Roby
  • gimmy29I was first raw!!!
  • alibball10That pic looks familiar :) way to go out there :)
  • leeleesimsThis is way cool.
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