New Home?
  • juicemayo3New Home?

  • matthewcontreras#phoenixsuns
  • cree_da_barberOJ, think man! U & Rose will have the best backcourt for years competing for championships. You my dog! Bulls my team.We been wanting you for the past two years. Also, you & D- Rose are gud friends. You're the missing link. Get at me Dogg!
  • cree_da_barberAlso, you will get gud marketing deals & allstar appearance's. Most of all NEW BEGINNING & RESPECT!
  • omgron_Noooo!!!! #lakers!!! You'll go to the #suns & never be heard of again..come to la..2 or 3 years you'll have your pay day & replace kobe @juicemayo32
  • nickyrosesThat's Wussup @juicemayo32 ... Sign that contract and get a key role
  • d_nic4OJ I am you're absolute biggest fan. Since you were at North College Hill. And I know you want to be a starter, but PLEASE sign with the LOS ANGELES LAKERS !!!!! You will definitely be the starter when Kobe or Steve Nash retire, or maybe even before. PLEASE SIGN WITH THE LOS ANGELES LAKERS!!!!! @juicemayo32
  • saintlaurentslim@juicemayo32 I read one of your interviews from back in the day and you say that your ultimate goal is to become a Los Angeles Laker. Make that goal I reality this season Juice ! #LakerNation
  • 3jo_nes2Go to the bulls...Your gonna catch L's in Phoenix and LA u gonna back up Kobe in Chicago your boy is the point and you have someone who will look for you to get ya shots off...You if you pick Chicago you basically are guaranteed to get to the chip or the eastern conference finals for the next 6 or 7 years they tryin to get you ya bread already lol
  • rbolinasSign with the bulls 🏀
  • cliffyoung_the_shooterWelcome to the D Juice!!!
  • rob1diamondSorry guys but he's a #maverick now :)
  • themonaleesaCongrats! @juicemayo32
  • cee3papiS/o @juicemayo32 alreaDy cuz welcome 2 the lone star state dfw we gets it in !!! #salute
  • tugfairgonna miss you n Memphis OJ,but gonna still cheer for you! !!! your #1 fan Denise @juicemayo32
  • armaanfShoulda gone to LA...
  • coltenraiderCome to phx
  • tannereadsMAVVS ROCK! So do you!!!!!!!!!!
  • jr_bernashGlad u didn't come to phx, you deserve to play where the owner wants to WIN
  • camaceoI'm kinda proud of yo page @juicemayo32
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