I wish that I could have this moment for life..... #OperationGold complete!
  • sanyarichirossI wish that I could have this moment for life..... #OperationGold complete!

  • ashley823517U are so nice and in shape
  • souadySo happy for you! And it was a great race!
  • ashley_scrivnerU are so amazing
  • kmmillionzI am so pleased to see us doing so well, representing this country. You are amazing!
  • kmmillionzGirl.....! How in the world can you still run that fast, with all that weight on your finger! Lol!
  • lilliknowlesUr so good
  • jay_simonton11Very cool picture
  • 2e_devops🙏🙏
  • tropical_deeeAwesome😁😁😂😂😄
  • emmsan2012Do you no bolt
  • 0560003Ge
  • 0560003Gay
  • 0560003Gi
  • 0560003S
  • mikey_rappGet the gold
  • simpllyabby@sanyarichiross : you will never know how your actions have changed my life. Watching you run was like a dream! You inspire me so much! I'm starting training soon for the 2020 Olympics. Your my idol & I hope I can follow in your foot steps! Never give up on your self or you dreams. Your an amazing runner & I dream to be as good as you! I want gold as well! It would be a blessing for you to just read this & realize what you have done for your fans! IM YOUR NUMBER ONE FAN! You did amazing this year. I'm so sad the Olympics is over but it's ok! Hoping to see you in the 2016! You can do this! Never loose hope I your self cause I won't ! <3. Good luck with everything in your life! Wish you & your family a great life! YOUR MY IDOL
  • jordynbittnerUr amazing!!!!!!
  • tmoore648Awesome !!!!👍
  • download4groups_Blessings!
  • bnmileBlessings on blessings.... you inspire me!
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