Blue black hair for Lorenzo's arrival! Thank you boo @bradleystylenyc
  • snookiBlue black hair for Lorenzo's arrival! Thank you boo @bradleystylenyc

  • khloes_lifeI thought it was bad to color hair while pregnant @snookinic
  • purplepeacock78It's extensions and no it isn't bad to color Ur hair while pregnant, as long as Ur in a well ventilated environment.
  • weardarkshadesI've done that color it's a fun color🎉
  • recnepsaNicole you're beautiful 😘
  • zaragilbert10Love ur leapord print top where's it from? @snookinic
  • sarah.davis91@smellybaby94 coloring your hair wont harm anything when your pregnant, Snooki you look amazing! <3
  • sarah.davis91@smellybaby91 unless you have open sores on your head nothing will happen.
  • dalifeofevefitI agree w/ @mamacakez it could be extentions! I have some in purple! When I get prego imma rock the shit out of them
  • lanenaai dont think snooki asked you for your opinion -_- .. im more then positive her hair stylist wouldnt put her in danger knowing shes pregbant @smellybaby94 @snookinic
  • lanenaapregnant*
  • misseuphorix23Its true hair dye is a bad idea when prego
  • _kissmyy_ego_Im in school for cosmetology &nd it's a proven fact that the chemicals will not harm the baby !
  • itslulu32It's called extensions
  • heavenleannaxoIt could be extensions and what if it is hair color? Only idiots believe you cant color your hair while pregnant. The molecules are too big to be absorbed into your blood stream through your skin and thats where any danger comes from. Im a hair dresser and I think I would know.
  • tsuraichiOmg omg Sam Champion. U have the best oily spary tans
  • tsuraichiMakes me fiene cheetoes and with fried chiken
  • tsuraichiSome times spice girl lollie pops
  • tsuraichiThats between me and snookie.
  • tsuraichiILL BITE YOUR ARMPITS OFF. Lovyourhairbye
  • ashleymarieanneWhere did you get that lepord print cardigan!?
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