Welcome back, Steve Zakuani. Sounders FC leads Colorado, 2-1, in the 87th minute.
  • soundersfcWelcome back, Steve Zakuani. Sounders FC leads Colorado, 2-1, in the 87th minute.

  • katiesveinssonZAKUANI!!!!
  • sundial0Unbreakable ....RIGHT!!
  • meandjulioUnbreakable. Welcome back, Steve!
  • jayybirdyI wish I could LOVE THIS PICTURE
  • queenvictoria88I drove 5 hours to this game just to watch him play again! He walked onto the pitch and I went hysterical! Steve Zakuani!!!!!
  • fstopstoriesI have been waiting for your return to the Xbox Pitch from the moment you went down! BIG WELCOME BACK, STEVE!
  • tatelevangI have been anxiously and patiently awaiting the arrival of one of my favorite players! I literally leapt and shouted for joy! I am a strong sounder supporter and hope to be one some day!
  • kyleisokaywelcome back Stevie Z!!!!!
  • s_harvey360The planets aligned!
  • haraldhyllsethWelcome back Z! What an amazing moment!
  • srskankThis made me cry tonite!!!
  • annaforinfinity@ilovefootball_x his fibula and tibula was fractured after a tackle from a Colorado rapids player. Been out for over a year and made a miraculous recovery. The player who injured him got a red card and a whole bunch of bad publicity. You could hear and see the fracture during the game. Zakuani game back in a home game vs the same team and the player who injured him was on the field.
  • annaforinfinity@ilovefootball_x tibia not tibula haha
  • annaforinfinity@ilovefootball_x Brian Mullan
  • cjraiders👏👏👏👏👏👏 welcome back!
  • zackarm@ilovefootball_x this is his first game back from a broken leg over a year ago against this very same squad they played Saturday night. Zakuani and mullan traded Jerseys at the end of the match. Mullan broke zakuanis leg after zakuani had blown past mullan in a match and mullan committed a very horrible tackle from behind that completely snapped zakuanis leg. Good to have zakuani back again.
  • zackarm@ilovefootball_x http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mVySrSYH2VM&feature=youtube_gdata_player
  • zackarm^that video is still painful to watch
  • laksmi78I was at that game!!! The crowd went ape-shit when Zakuani was brought in. Great game!!
  • yippyjordan88Hi Steve missed you
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