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  • cbreen"out of my way are who they wanted, I am who they needed!"
  • digitaljournalYes!
  • joepagnelliGet out of my way, I'm going to TDot!
  • evankaloudisGet out the way! I gotta drive to the hole cause lord knows I can't pass to Landry Fields
  • geebyrd"37 years old, 2 MVPs and they STILL haven't taught you Defense? "
  • deuville16Lowry can put more solid years in for us than Nash could of
  • dontmakemevexonthepitchrather him then Nash .....Nash canadian legend but he deserves a tittle hope L A get it
  • brianheston35toronto picks up point guard kyle lowry from the houston rockets as steve nash goes separate ways and heads up to LA. Good luck to both of you
  • mc_eboneCan't stop me off to Toronto ...bye rockets Nash ....hello Tdot 👊
  • aridiamond03This pic proves that #Nash would not fit Caseys defensive system.
  • shaunchangI think Lowry is a better fit for Toronto and probably be cheaper for us as well since we signed Landry Fields to a deal that backfired.
  • seeyulaterSomehow get rid of Landry fields so they can get him back to NY...
  • jcannin1Great pick ups by BC! Lowry is quick, and Fields can play D like nobody's business!
  • charlesheheWrath a mass
  • yaqoubhNash on lakers, that sucks he should of came Toronto
  • joshkwon13coincidence that Nash is also in the picture ? ahah
  • joshdewlingMoving forward.
  • kev1n_yuCaption is "Jose get your ass back to second line up"
  • kev1n_yuor Kyle Lowry is thinking "Damn, why the Raptors?" lol just a joke I'm still a huge raptor fan
  • ryan.faheyLowry is just too fast for nash
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