They love seeing themselves on camera  #vscocam
  • logancolephotoThey love seeing themselves on camera #vscocam

  • savahli_7Wow, don't we all
  • theamyclarkeThis is such a rad picture!!! :)
  • amy_jo_I remember doing that with littler kids in Panama. They'd hold really really still and then come flock me. We are so blessed.
  • lmitchison@logancolephoto love this!!!!!
  • samantha_jovanI remember bringing my Polaroid to South Africa and little kids would freak out bc they could have the picture of themselves immediately. They thought it was far better technology than my digital.
  • logancolephoto@amiesjo yes all the kids say picture picture!! @samellejay yes I brought my Polaroid too can't wait to use it
  • lucasdfrancaDude, you have such a great heart...
  • allistrangeYou're a missionary too? That's a first.
  • heyabiqWe took printers to Haiti and printed off photos for the women that we took of them and their children. It was incredible. I love love love this photo. They're all so cute and excited!
  • listropeaI experienced the same thing when on a missions trip to el salvador, it's amazing how simple their joy can be. your photos are brilliant!
  • angelsqueekyou have seriously beautiful photos. wow. I can't stop scrolling through them!
  • logancolephoto@angelsqueek thank tou
  • logancolephotoYou*
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