Simple yet elegant. Im falling into deep thought at the moment.
  • daveedgamboaSimple yet elegant. Im falling into deep thought at the moment.

  • daveedgamboa@solguacamole Thanks!
  • daveedgamboa@_meta_ Why thank you 
  • daveedgamboa@01_ Good! I'm glad you approve 
  • daveedgamboa@nyctoc Wow man! Thanks so much! It means a lot!
  • daveedgamboa@mayebh09 heh how can you tell? 
  • daveedgamboa@mr007 Thanks man! Appreciate it!
  • daveedgamboa@na0_7o Thanks!
  • daveedgamboa@ivanjaceves I love those!
  • daveedgamboa@jea_bap Thanks man!
  • daveedgamboa@a1exmc Yep! sometimes the sky can be gorgeous.
  • daveedgamboa@mat_red I've learned from the best man 
  • andrejsjaudzemsLove your work mate, the whole idea of capturing flight is just awesome. Very similar to Rosemary Laing's flight series works, great job :)
  • kapaleeswarar@daveedgamboa amazing love ur work!! Thank you so much for sharing and inspiring 🙏😊
  • mohsina_chads@daveedgamboa ... Is he going up or down, i really want to know~
  • walterioBlue Instagrams is an open house and participation online free exhibition, there are no limits to participate you should only upload your photos to our page on Face Book
    We only ask you that the images be Instagram and they have some blue, the color that identifies ESFOTO this year.
    We greatly appreciate your input and encourage you to up load your pictures with us and be aware of the festival which begins in September.
    Soon we will up load to our web site programming and full agenda.
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  • madsondelunaAmazing!
  • alexpino7Creative and dynamic gallery. Congrats👏😊Would it be possible to use the image to create a blended one with one of my photos. I need to fill in a space and this image works. It has nothing to do with the way you see and compose images. I would send you the image for review before posting it, if you want. Please advise. Thanks, Alex
  • guidocaciolliAmazing photo!!
  • andrewow__Is one of the best instaphotos!
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