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  • bayfreeze10More than agree @arianagrande
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  • h_124_hI love you arii, I'm a huge fan of you! My friends thinks I have to know everything about you to be a fan. Like my friend she litterly stalks you! But I just want to say I love you, your my inspiration. Your the reason I woke up yesterday, today and the reason I WILL WAKE UP TOMORROW. I love you and please forever know that in your heart that your the moonlight that puts me to bed and always wakes me up on those sad days. I love you forever and forever always.❤️😪
  • aaleahneffLove u my moon light queen I know you won't notice this but it's the thought that counts u need to stay strong💜I love u forever and always and I hope u notice your biggest fan ever you have no idea you're all over my walls and you're my queen your my world you are my life I love you so much Ariana grande I really hope you noticed because I'm your biggest fan and if you notice it will make my whole life I don't really know how I'm going to know if you notice but all that matters is that you're going to notice and I know it's not going to happen but it's my dream I love you so much and you need to stay strong don't believe any of the haters make the haters are motivators it doesn't really matter to me that you said you hate America and Americans because your American and I take it as a joke and even though licking the donuts was wrong I don't care because everyone makes mistakes and you can learn from your mistakes it just makes you even stronger just remember that you have more fans than haters stay strong beautiful I LOVE U💜💜💜🌙☁️🌙☁️🌙☁️🌙
  • netflixxjarianaHa ruined you're perfect 80,000
  • maha_lay🙏❤
  • vivianp0ncelOVE, LOOVEEE IS ALL WE NEED
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  • sendyschillingsPlsss follow me on Twitter ( @ sendyschillings ) you're my everything @arianagrande
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