Matt with Former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani
  • todayshowMatt with Former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani

  • ad454Hoping that they will catch those in the recent terror plot
  • thisisjohnnylRudy! Rudy!
  • newyorkcityLove Rudy
  • millygbRudy rocks!
  • okimteckysureal
  • mysfotoRudy, really?
  • lulu68Love this show
  • bigpolitics007Fuck rudy he's a divissive fucker and an unsuccessful presidential candidate as people don't give a rat about his dirty stinking mouth he's not relevant, he's making racist inflammatory comments just to kiss ass hoping he'll be appointed somewhere.... White trash Rudy go take a 💺 somewhere
  • gigicaillouRudy is ugly inside and out look at that face yuck
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