Jay-Z >>>> Jaÿ-Z
  • justblazeJay-Z >>>> Jaÿ-Z

  • mitchisanerdWhat's the meaning? What's the meaning of life?
  • lexdiggyWow!!! That is a collectors...put that in the safe deposit box.
  • nysouthernboyGot that too
  • cosmobaker@maxglazer Payday was such the ill label. Remember interviewing AG at their old office on Broadway & Houston back in 95?
  • 14ktgldslmcmptrwzrdLOL! I agree
  • silvermane718And fuck that weed, it keeps you broke, invest in Pounds of herbs and profit if niggaz wanna smoke dope But keep your nuts, 'cause this is a man's game And we'll all pop champagne till it's a damn shame
  • dart_adamsCats forget that back then there were TWO Jay-Z's. Rapper Jay-Z & West Coast producer Jay-Z. Hence the weird ass umlauts...
  • djtr3s@dart_adams yup, produced for Saafir
  • deniroforteI have this.
  • dj7lDoes Patrick Moxley from PayDay now run Ultra?
  • justblaze@dj7l yeah he started it. I kind of remember hearing he sold it but I could be mistaken.
  • tekturboUmlat rap
  • ricodon217" In my lifetime nigga go do your research"
  • mikee_71Jay - Z < jaÿ - z
  • talat804That in my lifetime rapper foh ain't no rapper gonna tell me I can't get paper... lol
  • dp201Classic single b4 a classic album
  • sam_whitt87Whats the reason whats the reason for life!!
  • theillsupreme"that skinny nigga on the boat?"
  • dahomie202Dude i had that and lost it ooh
  • 4milliYo Just show us something special from your Half A Mill work!
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