New #Nuggets Evan Fournier, Quincy Miller and Izzet Turkyilmaz arrive in Denver.
  • nuggetsNew #Nuggets Evan Fournier, Quincy Miller and Izzet Turkyilmaz arrive in Denver.

  • topheryorkI'm shocked Fournier showed up. Mr. tweet I hate the Nuggets a month before they draft me.
  • ooziezI'd rather have PJ3 than Fournier. Thunder totally stole him. Grrrr
  • d_unit_13sooooo disappointed!
  • yung_sav_23Terrible draft nuggets
  • _19.95_They are all ass!!!
  • thatmanjrNone of them look too happy to be here haha
  • bobbyvergemilesThey should be happy anyone drafted them @thatmanjr
  • mmostek4They drafted foreign players so they can have rights to more players and keep them overseas cause they already have a deep team that they are confident with. Stop saying things when you don't understand the reasoning
  • tylerhudgWho?
  • stanley2fresh88Our GM pretty much got a younger Fernandez!!! Wtf useless!!!! Masi loves those foreign ballers for some dumb ass reason. Look at raptors!
  • topherpriceMiller is the only guy who will make the team
  • slamduzitLol wow never been more in shoc wit the roster we Rollin wit next year we full up #ALREADY
  • j_davis112007Except Fornier hates the nuggets. He a laker fan
  • wjsundlingFournier looks PISSED
  • 1sickquotesGo nuggets nice pick on miller :)
  • epilepticgamerSuch a waste with 1st round pick.
  • lpddalyBad picks. Coulda done so much better
  • quinipediaStop complaining when you havn't even seen them play
  • carsonsmidtIt's dumb that we get more foreign players, we have enough already that are good now get a US player
  • _im_weird_like_that_Izzet hasn't gotten to play for some reason
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