Crater Lake. Oregon. #wisdomfamilyvacation12
  • elizabethlafargueCrater Lake. Oregon. #wisdomfamilyvacation12

  • i_am_perseusThis story is brilliant and so similar to mine. I met and proposed to my fiancé through IG. She came to the uk to meet me, now waiting on a visa to move to the states with her. Anyway... Great story. :-)
  • mellygiraudWhere is the first comment for denislafargue? :(
  • gin_tcI've just read your history!!! Congratulations & best wishes from Spain:)
  • pierre.precieuseI really love your story 😊👍cheers to a happy life guys , good luck for your future and congratulation from the France 🇫🇷😚
  • thats.radAmazing story (: Thank goodness for Instagram right?? And now your getting engaged! Amazing💕I hope you live your lives together forever! Have an amazing, happy, beautiful life! Who knew Instagram could bring these two together? Thanks @instagram and good luck to you and @denislafargue
  • ashmazzellaThe romantic in me had to search for this picture and holy smokes was it worth it! You take incredible photos!! Congratulations to you both, can't wait to keep following you guys in your love story. 💕
  • endbahnhofyou guys are married now. that's crazy. congrats @elizabethlafargue @denislafargue
  • shafiquajoeCame for this.
  • jxxcuencaI've been searching for this pic. Awwwe! Congrats! ♡
  • gabrielamolina3Hunted this pic love the story!!!! ❤️❤️ god bless u guys!! @denislafargue @elizabethlafargue
  • nbastian13You have your perfect own little love story 💕
  • theresepedreraWow I got really inspired by your story.. Greetings from the Philippines. 😍😍😍
  • verocious20Creeped until I found this photo. Beautiful love story
  • sassy_jahzieAfter I read your story I immediately looked for you and scanned all your photos for this in particular. Wow! I'm jn awe and your story reminds of those fictional love stories. Best wishes you both. From the Philippines! 😚
  • sassy_jahzie*me
  • victoria_1056I just stalked your instagram to find this. 😂
  • gabrielagaona_@elizabethlafargue que tierna historia la de ustedes, acabo de leerla
  • marijo166Vine hasta acá solo para cerciorarme de que una historia así era real. 💕 completamente sorprendida
  • ingsaher@marijo166 yo tmb jejejeje ¡Que viva el amor! 💗
  • rocio_canete@mariiecueva @marijo166 también queria ver si es real jajajajaja
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