Heading to school ;) morning!
  • kerrileewalshHeading to school ;) morning!

  • swaggeringrascalWolfe misses them at his school.....
  • janettekausen@kerrileewalsh My daughters are at Pepperdine VB camp this week and got to watch you practice this morning. They are thrilled! Awesome motivation for them. Good Luck in the coming weeks & Go USA!!
  • bunz11@kerrileewalsh I miss them!... @mcclain923 I miss taking all three & picking them up! We need to make this happen for them :)
  • timgoose3Great seeing you today. Wait till their older, the school drive is some of the best times.
  • kerrileewalshfamily, i miss you & love you. Cant wait until we r locals ;) goose, so nice seeing you today. Beauty of an office. Xo
  • g_halesI'm watching you two right now !(: i play volleyball& love it, & you two are my role models! One of the best Olympic sports. Keep making us proud🇺🇸 @kerrileewalsh
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