Come to Barnes & Nobles in Buckhead now for my girl @EvelynLozada's book signing! #GirlPower RT!
  • kandiCome to Barnes & Nobles in Buckhead now for my girl @EvelynLozada's book signing! #GirlPower RT!

  • ariesforlifeEvelyn is a really beautiful woman and she's real I love it
  • kinghoward06@kandiburruss jus heard u on rickey smiley 92Q u keep it so real I swear lol I fucks with u @kandiburruss
  • nurse_toytoy83No thanks lol
  • 1lheastarrI agree with the last comment .... No thx ...Ida beeen like Jada on Low Down Dirty Shame done slaap the piss outta that Basketball Girlfriend Evelyn ... I'm mad Kandi even dealing with her... She using Kandi as bait to get people down there... People better pay attention to how people treat the ones around then ... #Message
  • 1lheastarrKandi don't let that YAMP destroy your image hunnay!!
  • yayi1022Sounds like a lot of hate going on
  • blucupHello
  • ddarkandlovelyStop hating damn people ...well I'm happy for u.Evelyn people just don't know real when they see it...
  • menace2society89Fuck Evelyn dat Hoe ain't real. . She just tried to play hard dis season.. she wouldn't too tuff when Tami got on her ass. .
  • celeste_cobbWhat's the name of her book?
  • kingneyneyY'all are cute.
  • acreations22Luv you guys!!!!!!
  • triniestrada2008Girlfriends are forever!
  • vetwillNice pic ....
  • perfect_ariesCute picture...
  • chosen220Nice picture
  • jayda.jadaEffen hate Evelyn , she is a bad example of a roll model .
  • peypeyvb@jaydaasq maybe if you spelled "role" model right people might give a fuck what you have to say
  • jayda.jadaSimple ppl like you look at on fuck word and try to correct somebody , instead looking a the whole "picjah " now say some else .
  • jayda.jada*one fucking ,
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