She still has the most beautiful hands #grangranDOLLY
  • badgalririShe still has the most beautiful hands #grangranDOLLY

  • jphart12Where's the ring you got her rip
  • madefromluvAwe
  • aman101_@badgalriri i Love ma grandmum too i Now what you Feeling for ya grandmum
  • delberryI love u riri do much coz ur real
  • trevdmaxfanIn deed she did!!
  • zooviekazuyoshicute
  • miss.nikkibabiiBeautiful rihanna
  • infamousladymonroe@badgalriri that was my grandma's name doll omg love her and I loved her hands as well!! Always felt safe!!
  • tobe_desiredSo cute!
  • marinasoares12Now I know what you went through . My grangran died one month after his , I was super sad . First I was very sad when I heard that GranGran Dolly had died , but I was worse when I saw that my GranGran had died . The worst thing is that I only have 14 years , I lived a very short time by her side . But God taught us to be strong , to move on , because wherever they are , they want to see us happy , following our path . They always will protecting us RiRi , never forget that . I Love You very much , and that's what helped me overcome when she was , I could feel the skin you had the feeling ! And do not forget , they love us , will always be with us ..
  • jazdontplayIf this were my grandmother, remembering this feeling would be the world to me ✌gran
  • pao.000🙏👏
  • _malanashleyLove this
  • justmet0riAww I hope u enjoy her
  • nanabee_xWhy did you delate the most beautiful text on #grangranDOLLY boo ?? 💔
  • liliannikbekhtian
  • bbynooeUsjsj
  • keyla8111😻😻
  • sassy.tempestadeYou both do. May she be in peace
  • kubra.taas8 @sizofrenzeki
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