Hoy en el entrenamiento haciendo unos tiros! At today's practice taking some shots!
  • paugasolHoy en el entrenamiento haciendo unos tiros! At today's practice taking some shots!

  • thuynh_@evan_delgado
  • miguelgalvez_17Grande pau
  • mike312345I'm really a big fan of u since u were in Memphis with ur long hair den when u won those rings w Kobe n now w the bulls. I just wanna say man it would be great to see u win another won knowing everything u been thru ur self n d rose you guess earned it. See you in July #youknowwhyimhere Memphis vs bulls nba finals u vs ur bro bulls win in 6
  • mike312345#doubledouble that's ur new nick name
  • mike312345Congrats on 18k in a few years ima congrat u on 25k or maybe even 30 it's crazy how a person that came from nothing is everything the bulls been missing everything u weren't made u everything u are that's wassup
  • mike312345Big time players make big time plays
  • mike312345Future hall of fame when you leave the game
  • mike312345I'll still beat u in a one on one tho
  • mike312345Lol
  • mike312345Wizards vs bulls first round bulls win in 6 bulls vs hawks second round bulls win in 7 bulls vs cavs bulls win in 6 bulls vs Memphis bulls win in 6 just watch that's exactly how it going to happen believe me
  • mike312345Tell drose he's a real nigga for wearing 25 in hs when u see him
  • mike312345And tell tom to put in snell a lil more that boy good
  • mike312345You should do pick and roll more often
  • mike312345If the bulls didn't sign I don't where would the bulls be probably 6 or 7
  • mike312345Btw good team win in Brooklyn very unselfish basketball good defense that turn it to a lot of easy fast breaks
  • mike312345If it goes like I said I want some finals tickets seating behind the bench
  • mike312345Stay healthy stay hungry stay together and you guys are gonna stay winning
  • mike312345It's some good chemistry you guys have probably the best in the league all I see is smiles and laughs just what I like to see that's big if you want to win a championship I remember when you won with the lakers that's how it was and last year for the heat it wasn't nothing like that like when lebron and Mario chambers were gonna fight they weren't mad a each other they were mad cuz they knew they couldn't win no more
  • josemariamarcoasinEres un crakc 😋😋
  • tunitunaiEnserio millones de gracias por hacerme sentir orgullosisimo de ser español, casi me da un infarto viendo el partido, millones de gracias por ser el dios del basket por ser españool!! Oleee tu pollaaaaaa pauuuuuu!!!
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