canibus gave me his notepad!!! he said he wanted me to have it
  • mrdizastercanibus gave me his notepad!!! he said he wanted me to have it

  • frenchkissin_in_parisProps to Dizaster, I think canibus was clearly over whelmed by you... I feel sorry for the way he handled it tho.. But that doesn't change the fact that he is still the best lyricist today, and the rip the jacker album is one if the best if not best hip hop or any genre of music album.. Like he said he's techinical. I never thought of canibus as a battle rapper tho, just cause of the ll shit n his first 2 albums he talked a lot about being an ill battle rapper, when he clearly isn't, but he is the best at what he does and that is write ill lyrics.
  • thatsallonewordCant wait to watch all the battles.
  • ninx3Congratsssssss Dizzzz
  • mr.samirr#bodybag ..... Diz >>>
  • apollobelladonaJust finished watching the whole shiz online. Some good lyricisms, but It was disturbing to watch Biz at times. Both deserve respect.
  • bigjjtdthat is a joke bro I dunno how u didn just stop and start going nuts at canibus wtf was that
  • darktimereasbeckHahahahahaha!!!!!!
  • can1bus@apollobelladona its all good i stll got my 12k thats all i wanted
  • cekspreeToo bad you can't go back in time, any day prior to June 9th 2012, and actually (be able to) sell that motherfucker on ebay.
  • cekspreeThat's horrible format, especially for a "signed" rapper. Good luck trying to find where 16 bars ends with that shit.
  • brohlin@brazybaby ofcourse diz his verse was written. canibus wrote shit too.. but too stupid to remember his verse
  • mrdizasterBrazy don't make me put out my punchlines cuz ill end the world and make u put out a blog crying.
  • brohlin@brazybaby let me guess. ur just an upset canibus fan
  • mrdizasterBRAZY it wasn't a set up...second of all I been ppopular for a while, and I have a solid following, everyone in the industry respects me right now...sorry to say I won't be going anywhere for a long time....I'm sorry man
  • kasfasariFirst of all, BRAZY, shut up. Dont hate cuz u didnt heard diz before the matchup. Second, @mrdizaster are there really "30 page in that motherf'cker?"
  • joetattzI watched that battle an honestly nobody gives a flying fuck about it being fixed or not @brazybaby an jus like u said it was for promo wtf are u trying to do get promo for ya self how about u bring a note pad ya self an how funny u hav a private page but u a so call battle rapper who would kno what u do wen yor page is private I guess u dont wanna show how ya lifestyle don't add up to being a battle rapper an wtf duz it matter if u never heard of diz lol how about nobody knows nothin about u or heard of u I mean don't take this as a diss it's clearly facts yor barkin up the wrong tree bruh diz probly ain't the best but he is one of them an well respected an I highly dout u would win against diz an u kno why bcuz a reeeeal lyricist wouldn't b on instagram lookin for a battle try registering first at kotr an battle ppl we kno u proooobly hav a chance with before u start ranting about what u can do to diz...I swear ther are too many wanna b battle rappers/m.c's tryin to b that guy but that's bcuz they get juiced up behind the hype an it ends ther lively hood an yes I kno I used the word "lively hood" canibus is a tweeker now an so is his retarded steroid using brother if it was up to me an I ran that battle right after canibus died in that ring I would hav destroyed his muscle face brother next jus to show they can get an if llcoolj battled diz it would hav been the same dam thing so hop off dizz victory an start making a name for ya self before sayin diz name an @mrdizaster u did right an don't waste ya time with this Brazy dude jus hand him bis note pad an see if he can finish wher he died battle llcoolj so u can show how u put yor dog to sleep an even put his rightful owner llcoolj to sleep as well......POW MOTHAFUKAS!!!!!
  • mrdizasterWho is Brazy ? I didn't really read more then 2 words u said...but How do u accept ur self knowing ur a "grown man" yet I don't know who u are and u think about me more then ur girl thinks about u..get a life I don't even know who u are or care enuff to find out, don't bother responding I won't read it.
  • joetattzI wasn't talkin to u diz I was talkin bout this fool @brazybaby..I actually was being supportive of ur craft I actually think yor great but if u by the chance did read it u will see I wasn't coming at u I was tellin this fool how he needs to fall back he is no wer on your level @mrdizaster
  • joetattzStfu an sit yor old ass down u like 40yrs old lookin for rap battles..fuck outta here...this motherfuckers is retarded lol how u say I'm a dick riding but u say wassup diz like u kno him hahahaha get a life don't u hav kids dam near 18yrs old lol take yor own cock out your ass u will never get a chance to battle diz @brazybaby
  • jonathansutton21@brazybaby he was talking about you! Lol
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