An injured coyote stands on three legs near glacier point rd
  • kevinrussAn injured coyote stands on three legs near glacier point rd

  • marciannat_omg i want it
  • dustinknyghttis beautifulllll!
  • taterdonerwhere is his 4th leg tht is sad
  • babyy.lilyylove them animales
  • the_boy_u_dont_see_in_classit looks pretty
  • porcupine01Cool photo i am loving it
  • mommosnow7It's a wolf?! the wolf is my favourite animal....
  • kevinruss@mommosnow7 it's a coyote
  • lillyvazzy334omg!
  • nancy.c.hughesso kl! luvly lil wolf! guess it wouldnt exactly thnk th@ if it were to c a human :p
  • nancy.c.hugheslol
  • smarjitlove it
  • nickailacan yolu send that to me please i wont it i fill so sad but i cant because he is so brave standing oh wait the wolf dont have food oh noooooooooooo help on the way someone tell me were that poorless this at ill raise it forever and take GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD CARE of it
  • hanspaulsenSo what was the outcome? Feed it or let nature run its course.....and why is everyone saying its a wolf? Open your eyes people jeez ha
  • kevinruss@hanspaulsen a ranger pulled up and clapped him back into the forest. He definitely had been fed from vehicle windows and probably won't survive if that leg doesn't heal.
  • hanspaulsenI see. He's looking at you with a sort of expectation for food...well let's hope he made it ✌
  • amyekhan@emmalhead
  • erickimberlin2nd all-time fav Russ shot.
  • akaooooannamy favorit!
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