Lights.. Camera.. Jennifer!!
  • iamjhudLights.. Camera.. Jennifer!!

  • mrssan45Luv u u only trying to be yourself!!!! Luv ya''''
  • onlyone_desi@iamjhud I LOVE U
  • maleihkarose@iamjhud saw Winnie mandela last night... I havent been the same! Thank you! After watching the movie, i asked myself what is my purpose here on earth!? I must find a way to think of others beside myself. Anyway thank you!
  • johnrhanifinHuge fan of yours! All the best this New Year!
  • don_diiva25No pictures of the old you I see!! :-( don't wanna think that u weren't happen with yourself because u was heavy. I love the old n new you Jen, awesome big and small. please post some pix of the old you. U we're big and beautiful and hate going on Google are watching dream girls just to see the old you to make me want a body like urs. Huge fan and I love how far you've come, keep it up and may the lord continue to keep pouring out blessings!!
  • empressempress1What's your secret how and what did you do you look great
  • flawless.marajYou r my idol it's no way somebody can top you and your voice," I am telling you" "I can't describe" and "It's all over" are my favorite songs of yours. Also I look at Dreamgirls on a daily basis I sing the songs word by and will not mess up,but anyways keep doing what your doing you are wonderful. LOVE YA!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • arrangant_enoughJennifer Hudson you dont know me but , I hope you find and read this message, if you know bertha scott ,that's my mother, im her youngest now im 13, and to tell you this is true, my mother told me what church you went to called new beginning , and my mother also told me that you dated my brother Quenton Scott, my mother /bertha told me too that she was one day giving your friends voice lessons and you didn't need the lessons.I just wanted you to know that my mother is proud of you, you had the pride to go on american adol and I hope you find this out of all of your comments , Quenton my brother live in Florida now he's doing yea and bye @iamjhud
  • terrelliam_Ow❤️
  • audreytempleHi jhud
  • baxsicteensFirst ever photo
  • beautiful_mindedUr my inspiration... Wish I had help, sometimes doing it alone doesn't always help
  • cypriotsmurf👌🏻
  • walmirmarins#amoamoamoamoamoamoamo7 #LovesForever #Diva #Belissima vem Sambar...Adoroooooooo sua força, sua guarra, sua determinação e Parabéns pela superação na tbm tive que superar a perda da minha mãe quando tinha 5 anos...e da minha #MãeVó. Também estou procurando meu caminho ... #AmorAsArtes #AmorADança #AmorAMúsica #AmorAoTeatro #AmarOQueFaz
  • quirkyme_Hi Jennifer!!! Big fan😀😁😘😍
  • 1lostbedouin_9Virgos do it better!! 😍💯9/7@iamjhud
  • shawn_est1988Love you Jhud @iamjhud
  • wintersdiary._How can you live with yourself? You killed you're whole family for fame !!! The shits sad i use to look at you with so much inspiration I wanted to be just like you. before my mother passed away that's all we did was listen to your music seeing the blood sacrifice documentary. And it saying you and your sister had kill your whole family I didn't believe it but they wouldn't live
  • wintersdiary._@og
  • wintersdiary._Lie*
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