Fresh tongue piercing done 5mins ago
  • voodoopinchyFresh tongue piercing done 5mins ago

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  • haner2naner5I want to get my tongue pierced but I'm worried about the pain!!
  • voodoopinchy@metalheadmagic to be honest there isnt much pain from it, when you bite your tongue it hurts so much but if youve noticed you always bite the tip and the edges... Thats where most of the nerves are located thats why. Try biting the middle of your tongue right now..... Well? Wasnt that bad was it
  • dayray@ichliebekatzen It doesn't hurt!!! They clamp your tongue, so it is tight and flattened, which is uncomfortable but that's the worst pain. The actual needle feels pretty cool sliding through the muscle that is clamped down. I took my tongue ring out because I swallowed a couple balls (I talk too much) but I'm considering getting it repierced just for the initial piercing actually! Call me strange, but my friend had to drag me to my piercer cause I was sooo nervous for the pain! And my words after to my piercer "that felt cool" 
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