a day at the office!
  • macideshanebookouta day at the office!

  • kerrymccombe@macideshanebookout watching your episode now!!(:
  • _itsunconditionallove@macideshanebookout I CAN'T WAIT TILL THE FINAL SEASON COMES ON .... TIME CAN'T GO ANY FASTER !! :)
  • jay.baabbyyTrue friends
  • lindseychiversRandiibear2 they broke up a couple days ago. And FYI Maci is doing this . Idiot
  • zaydablue@randiibear2 lmfao you are so lost hahaha she is doing this and her and Kyle broke up already
  • zaydablue@randiibear2 what did u just try to say?? Hahaha learn how to spell and then TALK TO ME lol P.S. u should ask your mom to teach you not to disrespect people you dont know you are old aready lol how sad
  • zaydablue@randiibear2 did you read the comment @lindseychivers left you above mine?? Haha bet u didnt lol yupp you are super lost old lady.
  • katx95Its not that i care about them so much i just care about society n to let people be so horrible to eachother is rediculous and i feel ita my social responsibility to say something ya no @nazz0
  • zs_zareenYou both look really good
  • emilyjr10Love your cherleading moves Faira!!!!
  • camilavivancoI LOVE IT !
  • sendaddyyIts like your besties
  • tre_jewels@macideshanebookout I would like to style you for a photoshoot!!
  • barbaraestelle1Love maci she's the best mom ever but Farrah is the most obnoxious disrespectful person on the show
  • heidikins483@butterfly09 amen to that 👍👍👍
  • stacinicole_xo@butterfly09, c'monnn i think that title belongs to amber, not farrah!
  • barbaraestelle1No Farrah is disrespectful to her mother and everyone around her she's a spoiled beat and if I could speak to her for 5 mins I would give her the cussing out of life. Amber is rude and filled with anger but not nearly as bad as Farrah
  • ceselsky12you guys are beautiful
  • alexlee15@butterfly09 you also have to take in the fact that Farrah lost the "love of her life" nobody exactly understands her pain especially her parents and I believe that's why she acts the way she does. She does work really hard to do what's best for Sophia but on the other hand I feel her parents baby her and that's why she acts the way she does. She was 16 when she got pregnant and lost an important person nothing will ever be the same for her. And ur wrong Amber punched Gary in the face I think that's pretty bad. Either way both Farrah and Amber have came a long way and I believe they deserve respect.
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