• macideshanebookout#sundayfunday

  • charleyybeeThank you xx
  • shan_mon😜😝😜😝😜
  • kayla88My son has the same bike! :) @macideshanebookout
  • raven_lacoleMaci you r such a wonderful mom u r the only reason I was teen mom! I love you soo much ur an amazing mother and Bentley will b so proud of you!
  • nessa_sofiaHe's so grown up !!!
  • yourheidinesslove this!!!!
  • faith__elizabethWhat app did you use!? This collage is so cute:)
  • jessenzanaSo cause you're in the spotlight the slightest thing has to be made a big deal... Just let the girls live their lives and have fun already! And by the way maci I named my son after bentley cause of the way you said it with your accent...and it was the only name we could agree on. Can't wait for the new season to start. Glad you guys are doing so good!
  • 3lovebugI love you maci. Your my favorite teen mom.
  • ashleysbercierHahaha
  • skiptomyloumydarlinOh please people Bentley's in the driveway hes barely moving on the bike, Maci has posted pics of him RIDING his bike and he is wearing a proper helmet. Maci is an amazing mom
  • justmorgan13Bentley is sooo cute
  • uhohcloLooks fun
  • _kattherinne.nicholee_Bentley is the cutest thing I have ever seen
  • calliecoletteI am 21 years old, I NEVERRRR wore helmet, and ive been hit by 3 cars... I am perfectly fine and never cracked my head, #stfu people
  • brandi_wine81Maci is an amazing mom.
  • nsgwksSo cute my son has soo many things ur son has and it's awesome when u guess first started teen mom cause I was pregnant than too but was 18 turning 19 while I was pregnant I relate to u the most my son father was the same way and actually isn't in my son life at all his life more important. Anyways great job ur son is adorable. Ur a great mommy!
  • lalalamisskassidyi love ur shirt maci
  • laikkeelyneYour the mom I wanna be!
  • supppgiiiYou guys are so adorable!! And I love your shirt😍 @macideshanebookout
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