Who wore it better: @OriginalPenguin website model or @russwest44 tonight?
  • shegotgameWho wore it better: @OriginalPenguin website model or @russwest44 tonight?

  • kingof15sThe fact that he'd wear the same exact fit the same way is rather corny. Coulda switched it up. No originality
  • rdqlusI'm so done w/ people hating. He's probably being asked to rock it exact. It's too on point for him to just be doing it. This is a moving mannequin. Westbrook looks cleaner, more real than the model. Get paid & make the grade, RW!
  • aaron_jbI don't think copying outfits means you have fashion sense..I mean getting an idea is one thing, but swagger jacking is never good
  • cruzadr@kingof15s nah, diff tie AND diff belt... prob diff shoes too... So basically less than 50% of that fit is the same. Dude completely flipped it. (can u smell the sarcasm?)
  • thee_smaI completely agree w/ everyone... 👌 it comes from within
  • alexandernashnycWise old man edifies, noting, "there is nary a new thing under the sun." Recognize that enjoyment derived is authentic and embracing an ensemble can and will always be seen as biting off something or someone who has "done" it before. Neither Penguin Shill Boy or RW will put that look on the map or to bed for good. Looks like RW put his spin on what wasn't a re-inventing of the wheel.....
  • a_the_grreatAll these looks just aren't for him. 👎he looks awkward
  • gylliwilli^^^ I agree. Love the look BUT it doesn't seem to be the best 'look' for him.
  • afreshpairllcLol@ swagger jacking
  • richmazelopezRuss out here swacking? @shegotgame
  • clg23Something about short sleeve shirts and ties that screams "cubicle"...I love the individual pieces but paired in not a fan
  • zayax0712Is He Just Jacking Entire Outfits? Shirts are Cool But the Exact Setups? Thats Corny!
  • jac_costumesShirt and tie, I dig, but that watch and pants are too much.
  • rmbowling@gwblack Russ is wearing the Ayalisse by @RVSeyewear
  • bigwosCargo pants ain't it man. I'm sorry. But I agree with the overall theme of it. Just poor execution.
  • bigwosAnd I have no qualms with jacking a "look" as long as you own the shit while rocking it. Which Russ does a decent job of. But those pants at horrific.
  • rvseyewearModel "Ayalisse" look amazing on him ! Thank you so much @gwblack @ryanbowling and Black Optical
  • shegotgameThank you @rvseyewear and @ryanbowling!
  • mskatpaxton@originalpenguin
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