Yes!! @volispirits
  • melissagorgaYes!! @volispirits

  • cmhippYou are so beautiful!!! Love you!
  • adore_tiffaniI love u !!!
  • cyntheea@eurofitted ppl say I look like her lol
  • maksezzy@cyntheea oh idk
  • destry_xoxoYou are absolutely stunning girl! No wonder why Teresa is so jealous of you lol ❤😉
  • cute_desiGirl, I have 3 sister-in laws that I can relate to ur one. I married their only oldest brother and father figure. Pray for me, its been 17 years if crazy and they finally won!!! We will be getting a divorce -its final in a few weeks. They were always jealous but I had a weak husband. Bless u for having a strong hubby against ur EVIL sister in law X-(
  • genebene1112beautiful! lOVE U AND YOUR FAMILY! X0
  • me_iam_melissaGreat pic ❤
  • dazedmadeline@shalinebarran I read your post and just wanted to say sorry about your divorce :/ it's sad but love will find you again soon!!! ❤❤❤
  • cute_desiHe chose his family, I just got diagnosed with MS and it's hard to deal with a diagnosis on your own!!
  • cute_desi@dazedmaddie343 thank you for your kind words but when you're with someone for 17 years. You try to erase the memory of the three evil step sister in laws!!
  • natalyanvShe tries sooo hard it's pathetic
  • lesliekristinexoxoSo gorgeous Melissa @melissagorga
  • titohicksonYou are a beauty!
  • nicolealenemillerMelissa you are beautiful I am so jealous! And p.s she doesnt have to try unlike teresa.. teresa will sell out her family to get attention and money. Melissa is classy and doing it right!!
  • christina33lopezNow that I think of it, you favor this chick @mrend79
  • ttu02Bwahahaha idk.....
  • jammialvesBeauty hair @melissagorga 😍
  • adelina_lv@v_phillips just went back all the way
  • jessy_lucky89I like your Blonde but absolutely love you with dark hair
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