I heart my mommy
  • jessicaalbaI heart my mommy

  • shortnsmallWah is that your mother? So you're half caucasian? Aha , Yay have the same smile ;)
  • cristi_darstHappy Mothers Day to both, very pretty!
  • _pella_So pretty🌸
  • jplonghornJess😳 true beauty!
  • armywife4103Happy Mothers day to you both:)
  • jplonghornJess. You had me loving your acting since your role in never been kissed w Josie grossy heller
  • mmhamdaniHappy Mother's Day to you both ❤
  • seaz_Dark angel marathon my house you in? If the answer is yes respond "yes" if no do a backflip.... 👀
  • kristinamcphersonIt's fun to see your beautiful mother. She must be an amazing person for raising a beautiful daughter inside and out!
  • lanaer22So cute... !!
  • trgvjklbxswsAhMaaazing!!! Very very beautiful!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
  • madeincolombiiaI admire you so, gorgeous!
  • ldperezBeautiful!
  • albadesanzellesOriginal classic
  • hannefoshoDrop dead gorgeous ❤
  • umby969You'so beautiful🌹
  • wrstroutBoth of you are very beautiful!
  • emelieolssnYou are so beautiful!!
  • princessawnryPretty;)
  • looloowa74Wow u look so much like her & haven looks just like u both as well... Hw amazing is DNA
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