The mean streets of Owensboro
  • nicky_haydenThe mean streets of Owensboro

  • andy_the_conquerorDude, Carter road is rough! @nicky_hayden
  • army_calinToo bad you can't be home this weekend. Im going to my first bbq festival! :)
  • drocciWhaaaat
  • lauren_marinThat's some serious street cred right thur ... The real OG
  • hintmichael@nicky_hayden I am right down the road in lil ol Evansville... I think you might be exaggerating with the whole "mean streets" thing!
  • laufboxWhy do you look like a Chinese/Mexican smokin a joint on that artwork?
  • dhorisznySweet eyebrows
  • lewisaunders72Cheeky nicki
  • gvazquezsExcelent pic 👍
  • shortie29xSmoking' something there
  • jessy0675Stupendo
  • simko58Awsome
  • fitri_lathifahHow cool this picture!!! Colorfull n impressive... 2 tumbs for this pic
  • claratiscarI've allways thought you have a "manga or videogame face" I love this grafitty!
  • joaocanecas@nicky hayden no way i just heard that stoner is going to leave the motogp circus,sad very sad,that leaves the door open for lorenzo whom i don't dig at all,pity u could not stay here in portugal for the tests after the race,hope u get the ducati more competitive for le mans,go luck......later
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