Jace is in the toddler bed now!!
  • j_evans1219Jace is in the toddler bed now!!

  • x0xmcoh look it's the mother of ur child. Cus SHE takes care of him cus ur a fucking fail at life. Fuck u. U piss me off .
  • moonwolf89@j_evans8209 please don't let the negativity get to u just try to b a better mother for ur son so he won't wind up resenting woman. As woman we set the bar for our daughters to act like us and our sons to respect us. Thank ur mother for helping u u should b more appreciative and thankful.
  • _skylaaa___If her mom didn't take jace and not let janelle take care of him herself she would have taken care of him just fine. He was TAKEN from her legally. Her mom would've won no matter what because she is experienced, had a job and a house. I think Barbara should've stepped out of the picture and made janelle do everything herself. She got prego on her own and dealed with that on her own why wasn't she allowed to take care of him too? After all he is HER son. I think it's Barbara's fault for being to over protective and controlling.
  • sheenamarie13@babygirll_93 if you watched 16 & pregnant of Jenelle, she left Jace with her mom when he was like a week old bc she wanted to go too a party she never got up with him I don't blame her mom for taking him
  • _skylaaa___@sheenamarie07 I'm not saying jenelle wasn't irresponsible in the beginning I'm saying if Barbara didnt take control jenellle would've been forced to grow up and take care if him.
  • ewitskiwi@babygirll_93 yup. That or kill him. But i dont think she would be cspable of that.
  • mellie_mayhemFlash back @babs_evans_mtv
  • twinkletoessssMy daughter would love him lol. He's grown up so much nd absolutely adorable
  • cswetman95I love Barbra! @babs_evans_mtv
  • ernestdthompsonLove your moms she's a lot like mine a pain in the ass but you love her to death! Lmao
  • nad.yaa.xxI like Barb agree 100% with her
  • mspattipickleR u really shooting dope???????
  • nichole199027You should be thankful for your mom because some people don't have theirs
  • vilma_glantz@beasandberg
  • whitechin_mazAwwwww
  • mspriscillaleahGod bless that lady!!
  • __cindy.mEnjoy yur mom.while she's here .. seriously.. a mothers love can never be replaced ..
  • mem.ento.vivereYou'd best be respecting your mama, girl. Ouuu, when I first seen your ass on tv, I was telling my man that I was fixin to beat your ass the way you use your mouth around your ma! Seriously scrolled all the way through to find a picture of her so I could tell you to behave yourself and treat that woman nicely.
  • caseymeck@claireluxton Barbra
  • teenmom321fanpage4.5 years ago 😱
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