On the way....#themetball
  • aliciakeysOn the way....#themetball

  • oyonaalondonRegal
  • shopgirlythingsLove the hair!
  • albunddyBeautiful!!!
  • wheremybadbitchesatDie dirty slut!!!!!!
  • tyezoniThe day we met I showed u my photo book full of braids styles at the Urban Aids Event way back 2001, But time has changed you wear buns now
  • darwinsmommy602You are so naturally beautiful.. your class and beauty is like no other
  • snook_1952❤ it
  • veronica_koleREMEMBER ME?? I SANG FOR YOU AT YOUR SHOW IN NY STICK FLY! READ THIS PLEASE. Can you help me? I'm a pop singer and I'm dying to make it big! I'm only 17 and I would love to work with you! Check my stuff out on YouTube PLEASE! It would be an honor <3 I started my own anti bullying campaign and I'm really trying to spread a message and share my love for music with the world <3
  • jenkristinCareful someone may confuse u with Sade there... :)
  • shine_bright_like_a_diamond143Ik that this was a while back Bt u really showed ur passion for our dearly missed Whitney Houston h song so great at her funeral
  • doc567Ms keys thank u so much for the inspiration.
  • theresaw32Yes she do look like sada
  • ok.nu_@aliciakeys Can You Pleeeease follow me >_<¦¦¦ Ii kno a lot of ppl may say ur their number one fan but really Ii am in my head Lol But Pleeeeeease can you follow me Ii seriously love you and one question will you b my ROLEMODEL??? ::>_<::Ii feel so nervous and I'm not even talking to you in person
  • ok.nu_Im sorry Ii ment they're ur number 1fan
  • misswinkelNatural beauty a gift from God
  • anddyrichieBEAUTIFUL.
  • royalcombsdkingsaludos de argentina
  • tica09Saludos desde London
  • jaa0508@aliciakeys im 14 now and since i was 5 ive wanted to be alicia keys :) i used to want my hair braided just like you now im starting sing and you are and will forever be my inspiration
  • ladiebug125Thats pretty!
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