• lexivelasquez😝👙😖

  • lexivelasquez@azzketchem Thank you Aaron. 😊
  • lexivelasquez@mamabearwha You are! 😘
  • liquidmuteIt's a bathing suit people need to relaaaaax, even Mormons would love this ;)
  • lexivelasquez@corrin Whatever! I was hesitant to post this after seeing you in a bathing suit.
  • lexivelasquez@mamabearwha Haha ☺
  • lexivelasquez@corrin You have to be kidding me! Girls are silly creatures because I thought the same thing when I saw your photo. Haha. Let's switch bodies for a day. I promise you'll want yours back! Be proud of your body because it is perfect!! You don't need to lose a pound.
  • lexivelasquez@corrin Sorry for the novel. 😳
  • lexivelasquez@corrin Yes please! I'll be on vacation for awhile but I get home June 12th. We'll definitely hang out if you're free. 😊
  • luckyguys_gemhallWhat a skinny girl
  • kikiloveeDayummmm
  • lexivelasquez@kikilovee I miss you!!!
  • kikiloveeBe back soon 💓
  • ohsoscenexYou're so tiny! Cute :)
  • obviouslyarielI have a daily struggle to find clothes to fit. There are a millions of people who would kill to look like you. I being one of them.
  • typicalpajeI like it. The tattoo looks great, too.
  • lexivelasquez@obviouslyariel You're beautiful and so are your girls! Thank you.
  • lexivelasquez@mpaje Thank you!
  • nirvannah_blissWow ... I hope you look like what you feel like in your heart.. Stay healthy 😉 from a lady with curves ✌💗😊
  • whatsupcourtneyAs someone whose weight has fluctuated insanely from years of yoyo dieting and general stress and health blah-ness, even when I was skinny I could never even WEAR a bathing suit, I haven't been swimming in 12 or 13 years. You are SO skinny. I think you look wonderful but do not lose a single pound more! You are lovely!
  • lexivelasquez@whatsupcourtney I'm not sure why your comment didn't show up until now but thank you for being kind. Skinny or not, every girl deserves to enjoy herself. Even if you aren't comfortable in a bathing suit I think you should throw on a pair of shorts and a tank and go for a swim! Who cares what others think. You are beautiful!
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