I want my mommy.
  • thepioneerwomanI want my mommy.

  • the_pitted_cherryWhat the heck.... Off a fleetingp
  • the_pitted_cherryWhat the heck, for a moment I thought you took a pic of my kitchen. Hs ha great cooks are allowed to be messy sometimes!
  • ekkolashawneWill c
  • ekkolashawneWill clean for food!
  • lindseyccostaLol looks like my kitchen
  • tracytractractracOh my....
  • ashdonnaI love to clean. I'll come help I could use the vacation haha
  • customcakebitesYou are still a kitchen super hero to me!
  • brooklynnemccallJust eat the quiche...
  • danafrekAbove her sink my grandma has a plaque that read: "Thank God for dirty dishes; they have a tale to tell. While others may go hungry, we're eating rather well."
  • mrslavespereThat. Is incredible. I'm so glad you're human.
  • kimmcwallenAt least there's a beer bottle in there. I hope you did more than just cook with it. Booze would have taken the edge off that mess!;)
  • kimmcwallenWait. That's Worcestershire sauce or something. I still vote for booze.
  • jkundhiThanks for reminding me I've got a sink full of dishes. I better quit goofing around on instagram!
  • alison1Me too!
  • amandasuzcatWhoa
  • justinhalbertThat's out of control. Mustve been sone good food though!!!
  • justinhalbertGreat feed and love your blog too
  • brooke.b2006I love the lone piece of pie sitting on the chair :)
  • shawnastitesIll come do your dishes
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