I've joined the inked crowd
  • sekella10I've joined the inked crowd

  • malabootinkOmg! This is BEAUTIFUL!! I LOVE the font you chose and the design around your daughters footprint :) gorgeous girl!
  • dorkiedorkanaAweee me and her have the same birthday :)
  • bmspringmannMy son was born the same day, this past year! :)
  • aliyyahxxoMy birthday is the same as hers
  • deebby26Lovee this tat!! So pretty @sekella10
  • 0812.0719.1203This is freaking gorgeous man @sekella10
  • jrsmommy080811I have my sons footprint and handprint on my shoulder. Cutest things! Our kids bdays are so close together! My son was born on 8-8-11. I also had my son at 16 and graduated highschool, and am now in college for nursing, so props to you! I love my son and he is my motivation! I love watching you on TM3!
  • alysha_marie20That's adorable. 😘
  • xiris4Beautyfull
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