stila hook up.. My fav
  • chelshightowerstila hook up.. My fav

  • jesajoythe bronzer from stila is amazing!! love ya Chels!
  • ktonOmg! Lucky! LOVE getting new make up! Big fan chelsie! You are my favorite dancer!!
  • msjordanruddSo jealous!!
  • melmorGive me some!!!
  • theshavsGirl it's all I use. Hopefully you got the black liquid liner because it's THE BEST. Other faves is anything "kitten" and the tinted moisturizers. I am 100% stila except mascara and bronzer...which you know already cause I love me some NARS. I could talk about makeup all day so I'll stop.
  • tawshaboxLoooooove!!!
  • mscbreezy143Lucky girl...I love Stila...I love makeup too...
  • zomgitschristielucky!!! I want i want!! ❤
  • lowwie_Heeey @chelshightower , its lauryn :) . Remember me ? Wheres RoRo
  • sharonconnerJealous! I love Stila!
  • chelsiegilyeatJealous.
  • rockcandyphotoThat is all I wear!!
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