Me an Sheri in NYC
  • oprahMe an Sheri in NYC

  • yaleivyleagueCan you please invest in my business all I need is 500,000 please
  • s_l_k2Aʍaʐɨռɢ sʍɨʟɛ💞💟
  • rcarladanielleHi, Oprah my name is Rahkal Shelton. I would like 5 mins of your time. We have so much in common and even went to the same JR high school in Nashville and lived in Chicago. We studyed the same thing and as a first in my family to graduate and make something of myself professionally... I am often compared to you with dreams just as big as the things you've accomplished. You are definitely a role model for me. Currently, I am in the media field working for CNN but most passionate about mentorship and sharing my personal story of resilience. My dream is to become a published author and in rotation of your book club. I have such an incredible story and would love & appreciate your support and ear to simply read the one sheet/book overview and help me obtain this dream. Please, please give me a chance .
  • drgthelovemotivatorI will make more people happy :..
  • simon_sprinkleI hate you
  • kole87Love you Oprah! You are one of the great humanitarians of our time! #thankyou #muchlove
  • softlesterbeanSexy mommy Fuck me
  • cameronbgeorgeI just love you @oprah Nothing like a good ole Mississippi soul!
  • rockyourheartsociety@oprah I need your help telling my story!
  • sevufGüzel yürekli güzel bayan..Rabbimiz sizi korusun💕
  • _sarahsay_@oprah please would help me and my family buy and restore the old Los Feliz Mansion at 2475 Glendower place? That's my dream home and no matter how hard I work I will never have that much money in my lifetime. I'm embarrassed to ask you, but I fell in love with that place and it kills me that we can never afford it. I don't want anyone to buy it to tear it down.
  • lila_luna_naniki@oprah Thank you.
  • jface143@oprah we would love to work with you there's a link in my bio
  • mslovelydada@oprah Please respond to my inbox
  • itssstrinnyummy yummy !!
  • darviniqueHi Oprah I've always thought you were pretty and beautiful since I was a little girl but somehow someone I looked up to that was an adult said that you were ugly and it tainted my belief on what beautiful was to me and I became confused because I saw you everywhere in the media growing up and I always thought you were pretty but then I would hear the voice of that one person that said you were ugly so I battled between Oprah being pretty ugly. as I stand here today with the firm belief knowing and saying you are beautiful inside and out and in that lesson I have learned not to allow the opinions of other people change what I know and believe. Thank you
  • anthlicI'd fuck you
  • classysassy711My dear mommy @oprah I am an (FGM) Female Genital mutilation survivor and I want to tell my story to help educate other women that don't know about it and also give voice to millions of survivors around the world that are suffering in silent like I was for many many years. I want to use my pain and suffering in a positive light to help others learn and heal Please mommy @oprah help me tell my story please
  • akonai958I just want you to be happy
  • such_aprettylittleliarI have faith that you will read this my friend is homeless an I have no way of helping her we live in Cleveland Ohio but for some reason we always seem to be over looked she has 3 kid an a heart of gold just in a bad situation an I know your always helping people an open your heart I hope this reaches u an there's some way u can help God bless u Mrs. Oprah
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