BP67: Chief and Siggy doing their thing. #bruins #poweredbyATT
  • nhlbruinsBP67: Chief and Siggy doing their thing. #bruins #poweredbyATT

  • ab102197My dad took my mom to the game...do pissed he didn't take me (haven't been to a game yet this season :"(
  • hope_mcdAdorable <3
  • adamd9Do u guys have a viddy account? Tell me on one of my photos. Thanks! Tell Thomas that I am the one who's at next to him on the bench and signed my hat! STANLEY CUP TWICE IN A ROW THIS YEAR!!!!
  • dea_macc6Do the dougie?? Dig it
  • jadeintheskyEpic pic :))
  • cashioo13The carpet in there is so sick! Need that.
  • paigebergeron37Lol i would dance like crazy around the locker room if that was patrice *squee* lol thats akward
  • bruinsgirl11That's just special
  • erinnf10haha I love the locker room. oh and seguin too I guess.. haha
  • j_bo19Haha so funny! 😄
  • mikaylareddyySegs is too cute.<3;)
  • elizabireneDance like no one is watching Seguin! ☺
  • haleybrasilllI honestly love segs so much.. I don't think people completely understand.. and in fact, I didn't know it was possible, but this picture made me love him even more. #marryme
  • sonya_miaI love this! Tyler Seguin... Will you marry me? Or at least meet me?
  • gretchstemm55Hahaha omg adorable
  • catherineejordani love seggs
  • mikaylakellleyTyler, marry me?
  • jordanmurphy91Tyler Seguin I am ur # 1 fan ever
  • hitmen_baseball_99Who is Tyler Seguin
  • erinbenne.ttMy best friend is cousins with blades NO JOKE
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