Keys and Pies
  • champagnepapiKeys and Pies

  • elleavery_Nothin' was the same
  • stonedrubi01Don't think bout it to much..
  • stonedrubi01Great piano!
  • _xoazazel
  • zoerixo<3
  • iitzchrissybabyyI would love to play a piano this grand I can only imagine the perfect sounds each key plays
  • israelsantana__U play everything, and kill everything.....
  • theeellechanel...if only I was younger
  • champagnekay_😻💘
  • elliecookexxWow 😍😭🔥💍 @champagnepapi
  • shelleymolyneauxAwwww can u play drake thats sweet xx
  • djmeazymusicbloggerShe be LOVIN the piano keys
  • __sfrosario07😍❤️😳☺️😘
  • gccmnnPapi I just love you more than anything. I appreciate absolutely everything you're about, as do I appreciate your team! You guys are the best.... You work so hard to catch the attention of people like me, who are alone and to help them figure out what they are... Maybe that's not completely what you are doing for, but you have made a huge impact in my life. I remember the night I became your fan, we went to my aunts house in lodi to drop off a box of pictures and I heard my cousin playing replacement girl, and I asked her who it was that was rapping, and she told me, and I got home and played your music all night, I stayed up till like 4:00 in the morning from starting like at 8 at night when I got home. I was late for school in the morning, I remember I looked forward to coming home all day to listen to your music... And from there it went on.. I love you enough to have your record label tatted on me 💞 it's on my finger . It's the thing I love most about myself because every time I look at it, it defines me. You created me. I live in Stockton Cali, I went to Would You Like A Tour, you preformed in sac town... I never cried so much. I literally almost fainted when you came up... Unforgettable moment... I love you daddy. Forever your fan 💞 keep doing whatever it is you're doing to win my heart. 💞
  • lp1x6Sweet
  • victoriaaadams_@katehallarn daddy is so good with his hands
  • msnaperWhat grade did you get to?? @champagnepapi
  • _69heartlessSo sexy man
  • glass.table.girls@sarahhepplerr pinano man
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