I am Trayvon Martin!
  • ludacrisI am Trayvon Martin!

  • alexlewwGood looking out..:)
  • alexlewwThanks.. All I can say.. R.I.P..lil T
  • tio_toastada_cabronBr bb
  • zodiac_freakThat jacket fly
  • its_shawny_b_babyThass the sikkest hoody eva, wear can I get one?
  • adickmanThe ignorance in some people is insane. RIP Trayvon. May this be a fight for peace, and not bring out more hate.
  • terrystr8cheddarTrayvon wit a plane tho
  • terrystr8cheddarLol
  • no_seeyouCute💋
  • dope_villeThis is anything but dope!
  • lorenzomelloneBest style man so C👀L!!!!!!!!
  • justapiercerHahahahaha
  • mitchelliannattoTake a picture of yourself in a not so nice neighborhood and then yes, you're Trayvon Martin.
  • tboart@mitchelliannatto I think you've missed the point with that comment because Trayvon was murdered in a "nice" neighborhood!
  • mitchelliannatto@terrenceade_portrait_artist I apologize if I am misinformed, but to my knowledge this neighborhood had a looong string of break ins and was in a slippery of what we would not call "nice". Again, I apologize if I'm misinformed. There is so much fluff in the main story it's easy to get facts and false statements clear.
  • tboart@mitchelliannatto no problem dude, your intentions are good! 
  • mstashdelourPut ur hoods up
  • arthurviruzGreatest pic, hoodie and jet !!! ;)
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