• mirandacareyNice!
  • shannonaikenSpanish- what's the script?
  • cryptic_wordsit's perfect
  • joshcrawford11@shannonaiken it says Eduardo but the R looks weird, kinda throws the look off. to me at least..
  • claewelchIt's like two tattoo styles humping.
  • rocco_the_bikinispartanIt's cursive not too difficult but sad
  • geo_duhThanks Dan!
  • cmgonzales23Lol is that a divorce date or a death date? 😝
  • herecomesmongoNot too difficult? You clearly don't tattoo. Dan, this rules. Nice job.
  • dansmithism@herecomesmongo instagram knows no boundaries for sense, respect or reason. Good for looking at pictures though.
  • dansmithism@geo_vana thank you!
  • electra_tattoo_coI'm guessing its a nice piece of clean lettering to commemorate the birth of a son... extremely well executed. The grey line on the outside always looks great as they heal. AS for the internet, in part, it's just a place where you invite morons to look over your shoulder and bellow nonsense in your ear. 
  • saigonkickerSingle script esse..keep it real
  • geo_duh@dansmithism thank me? Your the one who did this amazing piece on me. You did more than what you had to and I'm really thankful for that. Anyone who thinks your tattoos aren't "GANGSTA" enough:) clearly doesn't know what they are talking about because they haven't been tattooed by you! Hope to see you soon!
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