Damn! Jon Jones is always trying 2 one up me! I take a pic with a wig on & he goes full drag on me! Fine bro u win this rd!
  • sugarashadevansDamn! Jon Jones is always trying 2 one up me! I take a pic with a wig on & he goes full drag on me! Fine bro u win this rd!

  • the_phenomHaha damn is he sexy!!! 😂
  • jaywantsahbeerHahahahahahaha pause* hahahahaha
  • jwallacejrMan, rashad you are a nut bro, lol, looks just like him
  • sdotcoutureI'm dead 😂😂😂😭😭
  • c_geigerI feel for him. Apparently he got busted for DUI earlier today
  • revvpOhhh sh#t 😂😂
  • jonnybonesIt's great to get the last laugh
  • theoskarr@jonnybones someone clearly is still bitter that they couldnt perform their best against suga
  • fcmendez1@jonnybones I'd quit looking at year old pics on Instagram and start training to get whooped by chael sonnen
  • jonnybones@oskar88 I'm so mad I couldn't finish him I can't even sleep at night
  • adblenko@jonnybones would beat @sugafly79 with just he's legs, and make him look a proper tit even worse the machida did!!!
  • 1mic@jonnybones that fight was sick though. Both of you guys brought some "emotional content" that night. No shame in that @sugafly79 is a tough fight for anyone.
  • sugarashadevans@jonnybones I can lose 2 anybody in the world but never in your life would u ever finish me!! If we fight again u won't win!! U rate yourself as if u can't b beat but I looked into your eyes & I c u r scared! It's a shame after all your great accomplishments u still can't fill that hole in your soul! But soon enough what's on the inside is gonna manifest on the outside! At that point I will look at u & reach out my hand then say "how r u doing my old friend"!
  • _atrix@jonnybones is that really the spirit of humility? That's not from the ruach ha kodesh that's for sure. It looks like @sugafly79 has the last laugh and is standing tall because his humble attitude. Keep lurkin on your big brothers profile and repent. Then Google ruach ha kodesh and learn something, that's the spirit you want not of arrogance and the pride of life. Praise #Yahushua (Jesus) and god bless both of you. @sugafly79 you a true sportsman and a great ambassador to the sport, love your commentating on the fuel TV show
  • kingshawnp@jonnybones Damn u that obsessed with Rashad? This pic is 55 weeks old. You probably think about Rashad every day, he's the idol that you want to be better than in every way, so he can pay attention to you. It's going to be such a shame to see your confidence turn into despair once @sugafly79 climbs back to the top and beats u.
  • 408xknockoutkingLol....
  • darkguyverrobHaha you made Jones break character and be his real douche self
  • heychrisno@mmaworld_
  • novad8836😱😱😱😱😱😵 @pattycakes_117
  • pattycakes_117@novad8836 😱😱😟 WHY!??
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