Hello #SXSW! I have arrived to rep @girlsHBO, my cowboy pals.
  • lenadunhamHello #SXSW! I have arrived to rep @girlsHBO, my cowboy pals.

  • audreygelmanhahahahaha
  • mikemosbergCan you bring me home a "Girls" t-shirt??? Please
  • robotikaSee ya in Tejas!
  • jenellekleimanQT
  • shinkokami08I love you!!! I wish you were my friend! <3
  • abbie_0rrAmen @katmeoz proud to be a Hannah.
  • ochewbacI'm just gonna ask it, but don't people's comments of adoration weird you out? If I were famous,I'd call that shit out. Fo realz.
  • dharma_folkI love your show! You are my number 1 inspiration! Go Lena!
  • monaomanNo really. I'll bake you cakes.
  • refuseroutineHi Nguyen!!!
  • nmamouneLegit.
  • a7mmad_sa
  • zipzap22@lenadunham I want to be your friend in real life.
  • laurenwatling_I actually love this women!!!!
  • andidandioOh my god. Sailor moon pose. Hero.
  • melakim👋
  • te_reesaSo Lena, I was scrolling through HBO on the Go, looking for a new show to watch 3,4 weeks ago. And i saw "Girls" on there. I had no high expectations. After watching Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, etc, what a refreshing experience your show was. I watched all 3 seasons in 1 week. Id like you to know that your show has completely turned my life around. As a single mom of a 4 year old (since day 1), I thought i was at a lonely and tiring dead end. Now, i am about to hop on a flight to Chicago, just because Ive never been before....ha! Never would have done this 3 weeks ago. I want my daughter to live a life that HAS struggles and awkward moments. But we must experience the world and roll with the punches. Thank you for the help for me, and mostly, my daughter.** Teresa Dusharm.
  • hippojnm702
  • battledancersuch a qt
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