Thank you everyone who joined us today at the instameet, it was an incredible day.  Thanks also for tagging all your amazing photos with #gstreetphoto.  @igersmelbourne and I will go through the over 200 submissions and announce a winner tomorrow.  For those that posted to the hashtag it would be awesome if you could also check out the G-Street Competition on Facebook and upload your best high-res pics to the comp. I am judging the dedicated mobile photography section and winning images will be exhibited in Melbourne in late April.  This is a fantastic opportunity to get your images, printed, framed and in a real gallery.  The link to the competition is (the link is also available in my IG profile). Let me know if you have any questions about the comp. Thanks again for everyone how joined us, including: @illestinc (Anthony) @violetfimz @benjamtin @soconnie1 @kanskje @daschpics @reggiegram @embers77 @happysnap147 @merkwurdigliebe @lukagram @ffriday @haikugirloz @eppiesworld @xabit @irunlykagirl @kulit @selinag80 @nannad58 @hope2877 @migotoyaku @keepleftunlessovertaking @adelialan @ading1 @bennyk888 @therealmegaricky @solitary_soul @eranjela @trayc @immyk @Fahima @shibiz2311 @georgialei @a_l_l_i @tripflarebear @pardalote @snappyluke @altair25 @leethal @spnally @iglimartini @Plasticgeezer @flybutterfly @illestinc
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