La Sagrada Familia, Barca
  • exampleLa Sagrada Familia, Barca

  • lowendscienceBreathtaking. Love that place
  • cat2011What an amazing sight, somehow feel like it will never get finished!
  • clairabelle__xIt's on my bucket list, "for sure"!! (Can't help but feel like an F1 driver when I say that...)!
  • chrisneve94Also been pretty cool place to go
  • tabieowlFucking awesome
  • nathianxxI was there a couple weeks ago, such a beautiful place
  • sophiabessoSick
  • ladyaryaThis is a stunning building that EVERYONE should visit!
  • lornapeachI've been there even better inside!
  • cath_889Was there a few days ago, awesome building!
  • x111samBest building in the world, and I've still never been inside!
  • beaubramLooks like a wasp problem up the front there. Oh, wait, sorry, that's architecture.
  • ibabowerHave they finished building it yet?
  • rachypandaI went last year, they said it'll prop take about another 30 years to finish as they solely rely on donations to build it. X
  • jacksonsutcliffeWhen I was there, you had to stay forty metres away because they were using machinery and they didn't want you to get hurt
  • jengamatWent there on my school trip in '09' awesome :)
  • bk316@exampstagram oh you went  it's awesome ain't it! I want to go back & see it once complete... Hope you got to see some of Gaudi's other work too
  • smooselBeen there!!! It's beautiful !! I loved it!!!
  • stez13Will they ever finish it
  • hxm1sh@jack.x
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