No one said growing out your bangs was easy... but I had wishful thinking :) what are your best tips??!
  • maggiewhitleyNo one said growing out your bangs was easy... but I had wishful thinking :) what are your best tips??!

  • sweetsugarbelleBobby pins, lots of bobby pins!!!
  • sosobellatooThe bobby pins with the little flowers are perfect.
  • sunnysprinkleBobby pins and patience! Massage your scalp too! It's supposed to help stimulate the hair to grow!
  • annie_looAgree!!!! Bobby pins!
  • maggiewhitleyI have this thick section of hair near the longer sections of my hair... Where the bangs are now growing in with everything else. Then I h e baby short pieces that aren't long enough for bobby pins... 😁
  • annie_looOk. This will feel strange. But part the opposite way. 1- provides volume 2- covers those baby hairs by the long ones from the other side. Try it. Promise!
  • bitsofsplendorA braid is cute too, just start at the shorter pieces and work your way back, then pin it with a bobby pin. I like to do that on days I want my bangs out of my face, but it looks trendy at the same time.
  • bitsofsplendorWork the braid to the side and pin on the side of your head I meant to say.
  • its_me_mrs_tHave thm reshaped as they grow out!!! I'm a hairstylist I know these things 😉 always reshape to fit the length they r at... That way the weight and heavy spots tht would normally bug you can grow to a nice length... If u do it right it will feel like you never can keep bangs bcuz they grow out too fast :)
  • heathergiustinoTurn your bangs into a little side braid - super cute. Also when I was on prenatal vitamins my hair grew like CRAZY! All the folic acid in them
  • supposed to help. Might be worth a shot.
  • madzmom1I used to pin it up in a cute style, or side braid and pin.
  • elizabeth.knoxTake vitamin B! I just cut my hair to have bangs and wish I didn't. I pin mine to the side or in a little bump.
  • mamamandolinI twist mine and pin them to the side. Keeps them out of the way until they get longer!
  • monicafrancesSigh, hair. We're all such girls. :)
  • bethanygipsonI made my hair girls swear that no matter what I said or how much I begged to never ever let me cut bangs again. I just have to have my hair out of my face and growing them out is an eternity. If I ever need them, I just use my Jessica Simpson bangs.
  • maggiewhitley@monicafrances 😘
  • heathermaejI do what @mamaandthedudes does.
  • mrsamandaaycockI wore my bangs in a twist or in a poof till they grew out. It took me a year to train my bangs but it was worth it!!
  • coconutrobotI'm growing mine out too. Sucks!
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