So this morning was pretty special / #iphone4 #iphoneonly #instaaaaah #instagram #webstagram #ighype #igerswales #wales
  • finnSo this morning was pretty special / #iphone4 #iphoneonly #instaaaaah #instagram #webstagram #ighype #igerswales #wales

  • finn@joiol thanks so much. Hugely appreciate you saying so!
  • takeamonoAmazing! Love it
  • darrenseamarkLove this one
  • oak0404💢❤💢
  • daniele.vergariHow do you get these beautiful tones in your picture? Which app do you use to edit them?
  • finn@daniele1586 I use snapseed most of the time, but for this picture I used photoforge to modify the color profile using curves. I wanted to give it a washed out Polaroid sort of a vibe. Glad you like it!
  • daniele.vergariThank you so much for the answer Finn! I'm working to edit the pictures in this way because i really like it, but I'm far from your results! 😭😄 have a good day!
  • finn@daniele1586 no worries man. practice makes perfect 😉
  • ovanPerfect
  • finn@ovan thanks man! Appreciate all your comments. I seem to have experienced an ovan effect with a flurry of new likers so I've lost all your comments off the bottom of my news feed! I'll reply when I track them down. Have a great week :)
  • ovan@madebyfinn No worries Fin, I'm unable to reply to all comments on my stream also. I do read them all and the ones that really appreciate my photos understand it too. Have a great week yourself!
  • kimwinheimOh boy, you have tons of good ones. #lonetreeseries :)
  • rflambertReally amazing photos!
  • littlechippYour photographs are all amazing😊 love love love them💗 are they taken in UK?
  • finn@chippinx thank you. Uk yes. On the border between England and Wales.
  • littlechippIt's okay! And Ahright so am I!! Ever heard of Hereford?
  • jaro1979Excelent finn... You do magic with your camera!!!!
  • teaandsunshineYour feed is beautiful!
  • danja777I can't stop clicking 'like' on your photos!! You truly capture the essence of natural beauty in these photos! Superb! 777
  • andrecrinsSweet colors. Name app that was edited?
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