I'm sorry @ryanseacrest this was the moment of the night! #eredcarpet #oscars
  • kellyosbourneI'm sorry @ryanseacrest this was the moment of the night! #eredcarpet #oscars

  • corinneirizarry@nikoolers it's called freedom of speech & it is classy that the academy finally caved in and let him do it & finally acknowledged comedy as a form of entertainment. It's the movies.... It's all make believe anyway, what the hell are you getting upset about?!!! Those people dont give a damn about you or your opinion.... They don't pay your bills, or care about your existence.... So why get bent out of shape if Sascha Baron Cohen decides to add a little life & comedy to a normally very drab awards show!!! Live on Comedy!
  • princessandy81This guy fukn cracks me up. Too funny!
  • scissorhands_xxLoved that part. Best moment of the night lol 
  • nikkes82It was funny. It was publicity. Promotion. Bravo. And Seacrest is the worst person on tv/radio anyway, shame he took it so well.
  • originalafroHahahaha he turned up in the getup. Do you expect anything less from him ? X
  • taliduLove SBC!!
  • corinneirizarry@nikoolers your comment is the one I saw.... So, lucky you cause you got attention.... It's what you wanted from the comment you made.... & im not judging you... I'm responding to your hypocrisy & you don't pay their bills actually... Cause if you do then I'll happily await my paycheck from you. And if you didn't go to the movies there are still billions of others all over the world that will go in your place... So babbling on as if you are holier than thou as the bill payer for Hollywood does not come off any better as a retort. Plan your retorts against a comic a little better.... So, put the TV remote down and play with Your kid rather than trying to pick a fight where you clearly won't win
  • ellisfranklin19@corinneirizarry bravo. Very well said.
  • mme_bondIt was fucking hysterical!!!
  • echoruneWas probably set up anyway! Wish I'd seen it!
  • gaelle_da_silasi@corinneirizarry 👍
  • kathryn_elenaVery well said @corinneirizarry
  • dinhahmHahahahahahaha adorei!!!!
  • peculiar_peacockHe's such an IDIOT
  • jennred1Poor Seacrest! Now we know why the academy didn't want SBC there!
  • analiciprianlifestyleSo stupid
  • desertfoxI love this bit! LOL 😂
  • merald_Lmao that's epic . Ryan is wearing ashes haute couture winter spring 2012
  • corinneirizarry@kathryn_elena @itsall_aboutg @ellisb89 thanks ladies... Much appreciated that I'm not alone about certain peoples over pompous attitudes about themselves or others... Kinda goes back to what we were told when we were young... If you can't say something nice.... Then obviously you're a bitch!!! Or a stand-up comedian.... Oh wait... Maybe that was just me 😳😉😄😜 yeah... I'm sometimes a bitch... & always a comedian!!! Lol!!!
  • thesociable26Yea! it was
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