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  • moniqua#dripdropmacro posted this on my macro account @amacroaday - Check it out!

  • flicpicWonderful! I got a cheap macro lens (not olloclip) and it doesnt focus up close! Can you help?
  • moniqua@flicpic did you get the photojojo lens?
  • flicpicNo but it looks like that one. Its fine from a distance and then as soon as i get closer it just cant focus! Its so frustrating, i was so excited to try it out.
  • moniqua@flicpic that's so weird. Sometimes, you can be too close and it won't focus. You got to keep at the most 1 inch away. You don't want to be right on top of the subject. Maybe the lens is dirty, I honestly don't know what it could be! I hope it works out soon!
  • theoreticalyieldGreat macro Monica, love the colors. Gonna check your macro acct now. Hey James! I hope it's ok to chime in here. Try starting right against your subject then work back from it super slowly. The range of focus is incredibly narrow and I always end up finding that many shots I thought were well focused really weren't. I have to take lots of pics in order to make sure I get something i like. @flicpic It also sometimes seems to help to use the tap-focus. Suerte!
  • moniqua@theoreticalyield thanks! And thanks for the help too :) @flicpic I hope you figure it out!
  • theoreticalyield:) have you tried/found any difference in using the tap-focus with macros?
  • moniqua@theoreticalyield I usually use the tap focus for all my pictures, especially macros. Have you ever locked the focus? All you have to do it press and hold what you want to focus and the little blue focus box will kind of go in and out and then the focus will lock. I use that a lot when I take macros so in case I move a little, it won't lose the focus.
  • theoreticalyieldCool, thanks! I think that's what I'm doing buy I'll pay more attention and see. I also use only Camera+ for shooting but I think the lock works the same with that.
  • moniqua@theoreticalyield no problem :) And I think it is about the same.
  • flicpic@theoreticalyield and moniqua, thanks for your help. I found that the wide angle lens which is connected to the macro lens makes it blurred however taking this off makes it all better. However this also means i cant get a Wide angle shot which is annoying. Do you experience the same thing?
  • theoreticalyieldSounds the same as the Olloclip design, yep. @flicpic
  • moniqua@flicpic yeah the macro is just the single part where of you want a wide angle picture, you have to put them together. Unfortunately, you can't take a wide angle macro.
  • smilingsista@moniqua u take the prettiest pictures ! !😃😜
  • moniqua@loudnoodle Thank you very much!
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  • annelisenguyenBrilliant shot! This is lovely (:
  • moniqua@annaberry Thank you! :)
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