A cloud of cut glass
  • katejmA cloud of cut glass

  • katejmOooh, giving me naughty ideas @joh5n !
  • katejm#gallery #art #adelaide #instagramadelaide
  • wally_2109Or a handful of marbles
  • katejmArgh. @retroajw you wicked guy
  • omini01Wow , so unusual!
  • katejm@omini01 I love the work of this artist, Nicholas Folland. This work is about 10 000 pieces of glass - dishes, vases, plates, glasses - suspended from the ceiling. It creates a mass that could be a cumulus cloud, or it could be a tropical atoll. But as the light changes through the day, it glows and sparkles. Gorgeous!
  • gekebMy mind has been blown. I'm off to Google Mr Folland...
  • katejmI'll send you another link - one of our fancy pubs commissioned him to do a ceiling, and it is wonderful.
  • 1booknerdFantastic!
  • katejmAnd @1booknerd @paulmckendrick @omini01 it's only about a third of the work. Will try for some more pix when next there.
  • 1booknerdTruly incredible...can't wait to see more. Reminds me somewhat of the creative genius of Dale Chihuly
  • katejm@1booknerd yes, the understanding of glass and its characteristics is there, though Chihuly blows his own glass and Nicholas works with found objects. Chihuly did an amazing exhibition here a few years ago throughout our botanic garden: the stuff of twisted fairy tales.
  • katejm#40likes
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